Investment Banking Workbook

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Investment Banking WORKBOOK is the ideal complement to Investment Banking, Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions, Second Edition, enabling you to truly master and refine the core skills at the center of the world of finance

Investment Banking WORKBOOK will enable you to take your learning to the next level in terms of understanding and applying the critical financial tools necessary to be an effective finance professional.

The WORKBOOK which parallels the main book chapter by chapter contains over 400 problem-solving exercises and multiple-choice questions

This comprehensive study guide provides an invaluable opportunity to explore your understanding of the strategies and techniques covered in the main text, before putting them to work in real-world situations

Topics reviewed include Valuation and its various forms of analysis, including comparable companies, precedent transactions and discounted cash flow analysis Leveraged buyouts from the fundamentals of LBO economics and structure to detailed modeling and valuation M A sell-side tools and techniques, including an overview of an organized M A sale process M A buy-side strategy and analysis, including a comprehensive merger consequences analysis that includes accretion/ dilution and balance sheet effects The lessons found within will help you successfully navigate the dynamic world of investment banking and professional investing